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These buttons are configured (selection listeners are added) by calling * and , respectively.

In the demos I show checkboxes, textfields, progressbars and buttons, though in my test cases I have it working with all sorts of other components.

When I modify another column using an editor config (as also was this column previously), I receive the stores update event and can see that the records field value of the componentcolumn defers from what I see on the screen. However when i tried to use this in my Ext JS V4.1.0Beta code, it is giving me errors. _dc=1326912145867, line 90 character 13 if (Id) Thanks in advance. Yesterday I forgot to mention the Ext Js version and browser. It's not easy to do that at present but I agree this would be a good feature to add.

Configuring the same column as an editor with a checkbox xtype the record's fields are updated (was my previous config). Can you confirm if this works for Ext JS V4.1.0Beta? After I added them to my original post, I saw that you replied. If you could let me know your use case I'll try to include it in the next version.

Beyond doing the obvious I've also tried to put in some size management and logic for doing component destruction.

Performance for a small number of records is absolutely fine but it should come as no surprise that it doesn't scale particularly well.

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