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With e Harmony, you fill out a 150 compatibility questionnaire, and then are matched with people with similar long term interests. Also, photos with hats and shades are less swiped-right. Bright photos tend to catch the eye better on apps, as people are thumbing thru dozens of profiles. Use all of your photos you can and description to tell your story.Speakers gave tips for improving your dating profile, and your dating startup app. Which one of these in your group of friends is you? Your red, blue, yellow, or green shirt or top will pop more than all the white, grey, black clothing people typically wear everyday. Include: What are you interested in, your trips, hobbies, adventures, etc.

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“You want to connect with someone on a positive level, and not connect just because you hate the same thing.” 5. “Leave the novel at home,” said Julia Spira, cybernating expert and author who’s been helping people find love online for 20 years. For dating apps to success, they must be different from the major players, and can differentiate themselves by serving specific communities that aren’t addressed on the large dating apps.At the event, speakers gave feedback on three attendees’ profiles: Better photos. which can all be topics of conversation as you go on your dates.“Make sure that you are telling a narrative,” said Jen Friel, “Tell about yourself from all different angles.“With mentioning hobbies, you have a talking point to engage the other individual.This will also allow your potential date to ask you about your interests.” The Spokeo app helps you research public information about your potential date based on their full name, or phone number.

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