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Business was booming, and about 19 years later, her investment was worth more than million (at least million by today's standards). It's now Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the world's second-largest seed company. Unlike Lady Bird and Ilo Brown, Pat Nixon definitely did not receive an inheritance from her parents.Her mom died when she was 12 and her dad died when she was 17.

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Half a century ago, the American conduct of the Second World War was largely overseen from this room; here President Roosevelt could send messages to commanders around the world and receive up-to-the-minute reports from the battlefields.More recently, the once top secret room had fallen into disuse; Hillary Rodham Clinton tells me that its restoration was one of her pet projects when she first arrived.A red damask sofa stands off to one side, and there are half a dozen pleasant, undemanding oils and engravings on the walls.As with any mental discipline, however, concentration sometimes wavers and the press of daily life intrudes.These days, what with one thing and another, Bangladesh may not be entirely without its attractions.

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