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Francis became attracted to Mary due to her fiery passion.These two not only had electric chemistry, but their conflict between love and duty was truly compelling.Some time later, when Catherine learned of Mary's affair with Condé and planning to run away to Scotland together; she quickly told Francis of Mary's betrayal and he suddenly collapsed.Mary and Francis were first engaged to each other when they were only six years old.

John the Baptist and John the Evangelist (Polish: Katedra Św.

They were soulmates bound by their love for one another and by their crowns and kingdoms.

During the series, they had many complications and obstacles try to come between them; such as Olivia, Bash, Condé and the prophecy but have managed to overcome these.

He went off in search of Lola, leaving Mary heartbroken.

After Francis returned to court with Lola as he didn't allow her to leave and take the baby with her, Mary was continually hurt seeing her husband with Lola and the baby.

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