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In other Arab countries, though predominantly Muslim, gays are becoming more open about their homosexuality risking imprisonment and death threats. “My first experience was at the age of nine.” It happened with an adult, he later told me. But I don’t blame my orientation on an incident that happened during my childhood.

In Lebanon, for instance, where homosexuals live freely, although still socially ostracized, there are associations openly fighting for gay rights. That I’m interested in things like make-up and fashion and … I see that attitude to be immature and pathetic,” Bader says. I was convinced that my tendency toward other men was a sickness.

Interest in gay people was notably put under scrutiny by Brian Whitaker from Guardian in his book ‘Unspeakable Love’, a book acclaimed by national critics around the world. I am proud of who I am, and I enjoy my masculinity. It started long ago when he was a child, says Bader.

In Egypt, though homosexuality is heavily frowned upon, even among the more open-minded upper class and is a punishable crime by law, surgeries for changing one’s sex are not forbidden and the country is the home for Al-Azhar male student who changed his sex and became a famous belly dancer with his (now her) photos plastered all over the news. It was a lonely period, growing up to be different and having all these conflicts within myself. It can be very extreme; we were not allowed to listen to music at home. (image right: Gay and Lesbian Arabs website logo) In recent years, Kuwait has become more aware about homosexuality.

” Bader’s loneliness, though, is not at all the reason behind his sexual orientation, he says. I hate to think that I would disappoint my parents. Now that I’ve graduated, they would expect me go get married soon and have kids – you know the usual life story that parents expect their children to live up to. The subject has been addressed more than once on television.

Mutairi said that during a recent visit to Mecca, she asked Saudi muftis – Muslim religious scholars – what the Islamic ruling was on owning sex slaves.

They are said to have told her that it is not haram.'They said, that’s right, the only solution for a decent man who has the means, who is overpowered by desire and who does not want to commit fornication, is to acquire jawari.' Jawari is the plural of the Arabic term jariya, meaning 'concubine' or 'sex slave'.

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