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[Read: 15 subtle signs you’re a controlling boyfriend and don’t even know it!] #7 Don’t disrespect your woman by staring at other women when she’s around.It’s the little things that matter, and that’s all you need.Use these 23 relationship tips and advice and woo your woman, and make her fall more in love with you with each passing day! As hard as it may seem to sit down and talk about feelings now and then, it’s better than living through a relationship with hidden resentments and confusions.But as the relationship blossoms and the woman tries to correct a few flaws of the man, or the couple have a few fights, the man starts to lose interest in the relationship.It’s not that all guys give up on romance easily, but most guys are convinced that the false stereotype that women are naggers and men are slackers is completely true.No matter how big your financial role is in the relationship, you need to remember that you don’t own your partner and you should never make decisions on your woman’s behalf without asking her opinion. It’s easy to take your woman’s considerate nature for granted, especially if she’s sweet and caring.Constantly remind yourself about how eager-to-please you were at the beginning of the relationship and keep that feeling alive.

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But when it comes to love, these traits are highlighted beyond everything else.

[Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures you can use every day] #10 Have dreams and work towards it.

Women love a man who has a dream and perseveres towards it. Amongst your girlfriend’s group of friends, do you think you’re the best lover material?

Don’t you want all girls to wish their man was as wonderful as you, and envy your girlfriend for snagging such a perfect catch?

[Read: How to become the perfect man using a secret role model] Impressing your woman and keeping her happy can be the easiest thing in the world if you’re willing to keep her interests in mind.

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