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(Unpublished) [Presentation] Linked open data and the semantic Web request an essential ‘preinvestment’, namely in form of an as much as complete and consequent production of standardized metadata and/or the usage of the regarding authority files if possible by all the institutions of memory.

La rinascita delle risorse dell’informazione: granularità, interoperabilità e integrazione dei dati, Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma, October 21, 2016.

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In Germany – like in the major part of the other countries of the western hemisphare – the standardized output of metadata or better the usage and the development of the authority files is much more advanced in the library world than in the areas of archives and museums.

Consequently the German librarian authority file, the so called ‘Common authority file’ (GND – Gemeinsame Normdatendatei), is growing not only steadly, but dynamicly.

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