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But for Celine (Kate Margalite), an attractive 30-something Daddy’s girl searching for true – and extreme vetted – love, that’s not good enough, as we see in “Empaths”, the consistently funny new comedy now making its world premiere at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater.Following a falling out with her father (who is edging her out of his life in favor of his new wife), Celine meets the man she thinks may be “the one” at a coffee shop.While authenticity is appreciated in posting recent photos, we know selfie shots usually do not look the best.

Diane is (wisely) pressuring her father Barry (Ron Komora) to let Celine fly away from the nest and become a little more self-sufficient (Celine still brings Barry her laundry to do, for instance), so Celine is feeling a little threatened.

Presented by the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater at 2357 Route 6 in Wellfleet through August 19 The ritual of dating has come a long way from the “have I got a girl/guy for you!

” era of the blind date, to the point where everything you need to know about a romantic prospect is (theoretically) available on your I-phone.

There is also a minor plot involving Barry (who earns his living in the high-end commode business) launching a hi-tech bidet that provides a few chuckles but mostly fills time in the play at the expense of the primary plot.

“The Empaths” is at its best in the office of the therapist, Fred (Charles Weinstein), whose fourth wall asides are a comic highlight, as well as any scene involving the absurd life of Lichen (Sam Perwin) who was raised in a commune by his ultra-progressive parents to be the “gender-neutral” man that Celine thinks she will adore.

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