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Be that as it may, committing to this kind of hairstyle requires regular maintenance, so if you aren’t willing to get this cut refreshed every few weeks, maybe stick with another look.

Whether you’re ready to go all the way or want to dabble with this new trend, here are 20 styles to help you decide what is best for you!

Originally a style prevalent among working class men, it’s now being rocked by women of all shapes and sizes. It showcases a new side of femininity that doesn’t traditionally figure into what a beautiful woman looks like.

If you keep your hair short, it’s also a snap to blow dry or air dry, cutting precious minutes off your beauty routine.

Her shaved sides and towering and voluminous top make a bold statement.

If you like dying your hair on the regular, that doesn’t have to stop just because you shave your head.

The undercut isn’t just for punks, you can stay glamorous and feminine with this trend.

There’s no subtly hiding your undercut with this look, so be bold and own it.

Keeping the cut on the back makes it an even subtler choice, no one will be any the wiser when your hair is down.

Sweep it up into a ponytail or a high bun to show off your edgy side.

Inject some color into your look with this two-toned undercut style!

We love the hue contrast between Rihanna’s honey caramel combover and the deep black undercut.

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