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Theriac was an ancient magical curative that contained up to one hundred ingredients.

There was often a “secret” compartment in the rear to hold poisons while drawers in the front held all the necessary accessories, including a mortar and pestle, graduated cylinder, medicine spoon, and scales.(left): marble and brass pill machine; (top right): Stoke’s suppository machine # 3 by Whitall and Tatum, (middle): pill silverer (The formed pills were coated with mucilage such as acacia and syrup and then shaken in the pill silverer with gold or silver leaf.), (middle bottom): pill rounder, (right): pill tile by Wedgewood with a vaginal and rectal suppository brass molds, (bottom right): brass urethral suppository mold Janus was a Roman god and guardian of doorways that often could be found hanging outside the apothecary shop, its two faces used to demonstrate the “before and after” beneficial effects of the powders, lotions, and ointments inside.

In the twelfth century, Western physicians prescribed mummy powder for conditions including nausea, seizures, headaches, paralysis, and as an antidote for poisoning.

There were many ways for medications to be stored at home throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and cabinets ranged from small portable cases to large ornate medicine chests.

'All this will help us to learn as much as possible about the preservation status of Zeleny-Yar-mummies in general, and the lifestyle of this child - how he lived, what he ate,' he said.

'If we are lucky, we have a slight chance of a hint on how he died.

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