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I went through adolescence a generally happy and normal person.I did well in school, had friends, was in a band, didn’t do drugs, drank only a little, and had a loving home.Last week, we had a good chat here on Style Girlfriend about collar stays.Some folks were for the metal magnet kind, some were against, but I think we all agreed that a crisp collar is a good thing.Maybe that’s why, when I met a friend of a friend recently, my eyes kept drifting to his blue dress shirt’s neckline as we chatted.The shirt itself was pressed and clean, if a little worn-looking, but at his collar point I could see the outline of…well, what ) protecting me, I asked. ” “Oh,” he looked down towards his shirt, then back at me and blushed a little. The collar was getting a little rumpled so…” A paper clip. What I was looking at was the now-permanent outline in his collar point of a 2-cent office supply jammed into the fabric of his dress shirt. ” “Yeah, I just don’t really care about this shirt, so…I mean, I should probably just throw it away, huh?He effectively described his work experience, his education qualification, and his willingness and passion to take on a new challenge.His confidence reflects his subject matter expertise and showed that this career move will further contribute towards his growth in the field.

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Fortunately, my interview went so well and I got through it!First up: The Mission Continues, a group that awards fellowships to veterans of recent wars. As the guys put it, “We give a shave about helping people look and feel great, including those who might need a hand.” Love that. Well, if you’re into design, you’ll definitely dig it. A market dominated by only a few players, where – at one end – razors found at drug stores were advertised like race cars (think lightning bolts and lots of “Pfsssssheewww!” sounds in commercials), and at the other end, high-end shaving supplies sold for the price of a steak dinner in places that feel like there should be ragtime on the stereo when you walk in the store. I love how much thought went into every inch of the brand: razors crafted by German engineers, shaving cream blended by some of the top chemists in the industry, and for each set of blades purchased, Harry’s makes a donation to charitable organizations.

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