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“For two hours, all one guy talked about was food and the science of food,” Abigail recalls.

“He cut all my food up for me and wouldn’t let me use my own fork. Online, the man seemed normal to a fault, but turned out to be a proper weirdo.

“It’s full of absolute weirdos.” Temi, meanwhile, has better success on Tinder.

“It’s for people who are perhaps a little apprehensive about online dating because it doesn’t feel like a dating site—you’re just swiping pictures.

I love hiking, biking, exploring new places and experiencing new things, but I also appreciate the comforts of being home, cooking a nice meal, and enjoying a movie snuggled up on the couch. I'm just me but 8f I had to I'm a Femme Aggressrand I love femmes. I've been in this life since 13 so yeah I know what I'm doing n very well I might add. My name is Chelsea i am 29 years old from New York, born and raised here my whole life. I was born in Europe Romania, but I'm half Hungarian as well.

He was scared of his own nakedness.” These may be extreme examples, but Abigail says up to 90 percent of the men she goes on dates with are…

“Unusual.” “There’s either something physically very strange about them or they’re just a really odd person who likes telling you about how different they are.

Another guy I went out with had a phobia of nudity.

He told me that if he showered he’d have to wear a glove, a hat or a tie.

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