Northwestern medical speed dating

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As she once told the New York Post, "I'd rather be smart than a movie star."Ashton Kutcher anticipated acceptances to both MIT and Purdue to study engineering.

But the former "Punk'd" host lost his scholarships when he broke into his high school as a prank.

She was grateful that her budding celebrity status eclipsed her identity as the granddaughter of former Yale President Kingman Brewster.

The Class of '04 grad said she was a nerd in college.

Spacey is plugged into the business of the entertainment industry, and advocates for the revolutionary "Netflix model" of original programming.

The "House of Cards" star gave an impassioned speech at this year's Edinburgh Television Festival.

The high school valedictorian attended Juilliard to study drama.

But the "American Beauty" lead dropped out after two years to act on Broadway and then in films, earning Tony awards and Oscars for his dramatic genius.

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Conan O' Brien was a history and literature major at Harvard University, where the school newspaper dubbed him the "pre-eminent jokester" of the class of '85.She enrolled at Harvard as Natalie Herschlag, her birth name, for a bit of anonymity, but her professors noted that she was an exceptional student.She speaks six languages and has twice been published in scientific journals.It makes sense, as he was also the president of the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret social organization that published a humor magazine.His 72-page senior thesis, entitled "The ' Old Child' in Faulkner and O’Connor," argued that "the New South’s emerging identity is manifested in the literature of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor via the motif of children that age too quickly."Cindy Crawford studied chemical engineering on scholarship at Northwestern University.

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