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focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and culture — topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.

THIS WEEK: When the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art opened the Bloch Building, its "lens" architecture was so different from the existing museum that many didn't see how the two could stand side by side.

Her story is now the subject of a new documentary, and Temple and director Jon Brick explain how the film came about.

Then, Overland Park is having its first competitive mayoral race in two cycles.

This includes a volume of original designs for the backs of cards by Owen Jones, a 19th-century graphic artist.

Vanderbilt's head librarian, Valerie Hotchkiss, notes that this might be of interest to art scholars.

The new items will be added to a collection of his papers about the game. It's home to the weekly radio show that put country on the national map in 1925.

And it's where this summer, 30 people with a rare genetic disorder called Williams syndrome eagerly arrive backstage.

Historians are traveling around the state to photograph papers, uniforms, even firearms that have never been documented.

Then the critics review the best (and worst) indie, foreign and documentary movies now showing on area screens, including After losing her son to murder in 2011, Rosilyn Temple turned her grief into action.

She formed Mothers in Charge, whose members respond to every homicide call in Kansas City, Missouri.

Today, the architect of the addition, Steven Holl, talks about returning to his building ten years later.

When Beck Weathers' climbing group joined other expeditions summiting Mount Everest in May of 1996, no one knew eight mountaineers would not return.

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