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Nor does a woman's love have the power to transform jerks into sensitive, emotionally attentive men. If love had the power to change people, then why do people cheat on their spouses? Don't spend more time shopping for a dress than you do shopping for the right man. I’m a man with very powerful emotions and after years of watching myself I’ve learned something: My emotions are temporal and can be controlled. Reminding yourself of the good puts your mind back into rational balance.

A dress is for one night; the right man is for a lifetime commitment and good days together, forever. One of my favorite exercises is Zig Ziglar’s “I love my ___ because” statements. He tells people to list all the benefits that you really have and say with energy for example “I love my job because I get paid! Within reason, I believe that you can take actions to manipulate your emotions however you want.

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I loved the emails and lists Dianne included within the pages of this very funny book.

Each chapter heading is funnier than the last, and just when you think a date can't be anymore of a train wreck, she dials up another one that is even worse.

Through the book, Sweeney comments on the culture that we now find ourselves in, but does so in a non-didactic way, pointing out that all this technology leaves us without the benefits of direct human contact.

Das wird dadurch gewhrleistet, dass Kiss No Frog eine Live-Kommunikation und die so genannten Eins-zu-Eins-Chatrume anbietet.

Eine Frau, (38 Jahre), Ich habe keine Leistungen von der Firma bekommen.

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