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Children as young as 9 years old are being offered the opportunity to work as a team in search of knowledge, Read more Located in a rural Montessori middle school, Dasghara in West Bengal is about three hours from Kolkata.It is the the School in the Cloud’s smallest purpose-built research lab to date at just 15ft wide. Aidan’s Church of England Primary School Emma is a primary school teacher from the North East of England.Poonam believes that the advantages of the SOLE process for the kids as self-learning and work collaboratively in groups, Read more Project Hello World, created by non-profit organisation Projects For All, is based on the belief that vulnerable communities across the world deserve connectivity, access to information and opportunities to learn.Read more Organisation: My Education Room Having spent over eighteen years as an instructor, department head and director of operations and academics in post-secondary institutions Rick saw first-hand the powerful influence of self-organized/flipped classroom learning environments.Read more Organisation: SOLE Argentina Mariano is a psychologist and scientific research methodology specialist.He is also a university teacher and SOLE practitioner and researcher. ’ Martlesham believe that SOLE is the key to unlocking the 21st Century learning skills young individuals require today and therein the future.Read more Organisation: SOLE Australia Network Paul is the Principal of Belle Vue Park Primary School in Melbourne, Australia.

Initially based in a community centre in Tres Marías, Morelos, SOLE has also been implemented by Oscar in different scenarios such as public and private schools for elementary and secondary students, Read more Paradise School is about giving children the skills for 21st century living, and its director maps the curriculum to the IGCSE curriculum (they will also be aiming for International Cambridge Board accreditation).He started with 30 students in a private school and now teaches English to about 100 students from K-3 to K-12.Read more SOLE has recently been introduced at Clever International School and was received with great enthusiasm by teachers and pupils.Our goal is to build an Ed Tech platform to overcome the challenge of teacher quality and availability (1.25 million teachers are needed in Pakistan).Read more Organisation: is a home educator who regularly made use of SOLE projects when her children were being homeschooled.

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