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After rebooting Outlook updated emails between Tuesday and Friday.

When I went to open the inbox I received the message that "Outlook wasn't responding" No matter what option I tried the updates didn't occur and I would continue to get the same message.

When I did the repair routines it would log into the servers (Optimum and GMAIL servers) and send the test messages.

When viewing my emails on the respective webmail servers I would see the test messages. Drew My emails in Outlook have not updated since Tuesday April 4, 2017.

First open exchange EMC and see that the databases are mounted.

Also open the exchange queue viewer under toolbox in EMC. Also dumb thing to check, is there enough space left in your drives for exchange?

-Is there anything I can do to get the users working with all mailboxes/calendars etc?

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Furthermore, if you forget to instruct Outlook to retrieve new emails, you could miss out on time-sensitive messages from clients, employees or other business-related contacts.

However when I check my emails through the carriers webmail server all the new emails are there. I have the strong feeling if I reinstall outlook 16 I will lose all my emails.

Well by your description it sounds like you have a POP email account.

The users are Personal Assistants to 3 different senior managers and have access to those mailboxes and another generic rarely used contact-us mailbox.

We are using outlook 2010 with exchange cached mode.

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