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Of course, each time Plant did raise his iconic voice an octave, it was met with howls of approval from the audience.

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’ He said, ‘That’s Robert Plant.’ I said, ‘What does he look like now?

The pair had set up home together in Austin, Texas, after collaborating on Plant’s 2010 album, Band of Joy, but “culturally and slightly spiritually” Plant began to experience a troubling disjunct which he says led him to “swing the wheel right around”.

As the gritty, febrile “Turn It Up” details, Plant’s sense of alienation didn’t dissipate when he drove east of Tunica, Mississippi, to commune with the ghosts of the Delta blues greats who first inspired him: “I’m lost inside America/ I’m turning inside out/ I’m turning into someone else/ I heard so much about/ I’m blinded by the neon/ the righteous and the might/ I’m stuck inside the radio/ Turn it on and let me out.” “Patty and I tried a sort of zig-zag across the Atlantic,” says Plant, “but she didn’t share my penchant for cider and she used to marvel at the Black Country character I became after four pints of Thatchers.

Today, there will be no riding of motorcycles down hotel corridors, just Plant, now almost 66, enthusing about works by Rubens and Caravaggio he recently saw in Dresden, or telling how he once disturbed Bob Dylan putting a sock on to ask him about “Spider” John Koerner.

Plant is a relaxed and attentive conversationalist, not one for protocol.

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