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The suspect's mother, Mary Christian, told the Huffington Post that "I can't imagine he would do anything like this, unless he was on drugs or something." "He's been in prison, he's always been spouting anti-establishment stuff, but he's a nice person," she said."I just can't imagine." Isaiah Bostic, who attended Applegate Elementary with Christian but later lost touch, said he seemed like a regular kid when they were growing up.He violated the terms of his release several times – in August 2012 for testing positive in an urine test for use of "spice,'' or synthetic marijuana, and failing to attend treatment a month earlier.He agreed to to go to a residential re-entry center, but then violated supervision again by not staying at the re-entry center and was sentenced to another nine months in custody in 2013.The robbery at Ed's Market, a convenience store at North Lombard Street and Vancouver Avenue, occurred shortly after the store's 10 p.m. Owner Bob Sung said at the time he was staying late to finish paperwork when a man walked in wearing a black ski mask, with openings cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth.He looked around the store to see whether anyone else was inside and then walked out. I know all the customers' faces," Sung told The Oregonian at the time. But then he walked back in." North Precinct Officer Chris Devlin fired three shots as he was chasing Christian, striking him in his cheek.

"Nobody likes me," Christian wrote when he shared the video.Event organizer Joey Gibson has distanced himself from Christian."We were clearly asking him to leave," he said in an interview Saturday.Pete Simpson said Saturday morning that "certainly the detectives will be looking into his background." Detectives know about his behavior at the April march, Simpson said.On May 12, 2002, Christian handcuffed the owner of a North Portland market to a counter and stole cash and cigarettes.

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