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And the 9.99 Quicken Home & Business (reviewed here) is the best choice for a sole proprietor who needs transaction categorization (for income taxes), profit/loss projections, and cash flow reports.

It's easy enough to learn and use, and it has improved, but it still has an outdated aesthetic.If you supply your login credentials for your bank and credit card accounts, the software will move cleared transactions into the appropriate registers (you can also enter transactions manually).This list view can contain transactions from all accounts, or you can look at them individually. Quicken provides a list of categories (Entertainment, Bills & Utilities, and Auto & Transport, among others) that you can assign to transactions.Drop-down menus above this table contain alternative viewing options (Stack, Calendar, and so on), and let you define the account and date range.Links to Reminder utilities (Add, Manage, and that sort of thing) appear to the right.

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