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These groups are targeted as vulnerable victims by pimps and traffickers, and are lured into both prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation using “psychological manipulation, drugs, and/or violence.” These pimps and traffickers often forge a loving, caring relationship to gain trust, and then exploit the survivor for monetary gain.Date Rape Date rape is similar to acquaintance rape; in both cases the survivor knows the perpetrator, but has not consented to sexual intercourse.Acquaintance rape is often misunderstood; people think that because the two parties know each other, it isn’t “real rape.” This is incorrect—rape is a felony crime, regardless of the relationship between the people involved.A clear, consenting “yes” needs to be communicated in order for sexual contact to be legal.Below is an alphabetical list of all the terms and definitions that make up the sexual assault continuum.However, not all types of sexual assault are listed here.Sexual assault comes in many different forms, and is often referred to as a continuum.This is due to the fact that some incidences will overlap, and the survivor will experience multiple different types of assault at the same time.

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Assault does not have to be penetrative; it can include both fondling and molestation.

“Date rape drug” is a slang term for a drug that is used to aid a perpetrator in sexually assaulting someone.

The drugs often have no taste, smell, or color, and can be poured or dissolved into drinks or food.

Consent should be very clear in a sexual encounter.

If all parties involved do not provide an enthusiastic “yes,” there is no consent.

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