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“John Pedesta said some horrible things about you and boy he was right”.Imagine an Oval Office address after a failed nuclear deal with, say, Mr Putin.

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Producer Jazze Pha had used the same sample in 2004 on Angie Stone's song "I Wanna Thank Ya" featuring Snoop Dogg. "Nasty Girl" has a music video, featuring the song's featured artists mentioned above. It was shot in the black themed apartment of Cindy Gallop.Among the other retailers making money off of Trump’s insult is Nasty Gal, with a “nasty woman” rendering of Hillary in biker gear.And the similarity between the Nasty Gal branding and “nasty woman” just might end the fight: Nasty Gal might actually be in the clear here.But let's end with the contention of Mr Trump that this election - like those Emmy nights - is rigged against him. Except Trump is scary if he does what we think he might do when America awakes to the results on 9 November and he finds he has lost and then cries foul.Chris Wallace the Fox News moderator, gave him the chance to state clearly that he will accept the results of the election on 8 November if he is defeated like a man. America the great Democracy, and Pennsylvania Avenue will be clogged for days - maybe months - with Trump forces trying to stop Ms Clinton from entering the gates of the White House.

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