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But their reps, or people, or whoever says things publicly for them, said that they were just friends, just two pals dancing away a late-summer night.Foxx even called the claims “absurd” when asked in November.(This isn’t the first time Drake has posted a shot of himself with J.

“They have great chemistry.” TBD on whether these quotes are just fabricated or if they’re based in reality, but one thing is for sure: Rihanna unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram over this past holiday weekend, as devoted fans discovered.In the interim, don’t forget about the time Drake posted a pic of himself with Taylor Swift a couple of months ago, fueling dating rumors. In today's gossip roundup: Rumors about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes being an item have resurfaced, Adam Brody says a terrible thing about Seth Cohen, and George Clooney spent a day with a small child.Long ago, in the sweet stinking sweat of August, we heard a story about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, two actors, seen dancing together at a party in the Hamptons.Immediately, gossips the nation over began whispering that maybe the two were dating.

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