Red flags when dating a new guy

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But she didn’t believe in evolution and came from a super Christian family.

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“One day his close female friend, who I also knew, found out we had hooked up. He was such a nice guy and so handsome, but it was obvious something was off.” – Brittany The takeaway: Stereotypes are fucked and men definitely suffer from our culture of toxic masculinity.And if you’re a ‘Friends’ person dating a ‘Seinfeld’ person, you will bore them and utterly fail to understand their neuroses and anxiety.Guess who learned this the hard way.” – Madison The takeaway: Opposites can attract, but sometimes they can’t connect. “Then I finally went to visit him for a long weekend and I became very convinced he wasn’t into girls. But whether or not you actually dump someone when they hit one of those buzzers is a different story.Here are a few dating red flags we’ve blown past — only to have things blow up in our faces, no surprise.

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