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On the basis of some rough calculations it is estimated that about 30 percent of all budgeted positions in public residential facili ties are now vacant (Noone, 1967). Permanent custodial care: Report of the committee on the care of the feeble-minded. There they can be cared for together with the other residents or eventually placed in county residential homes. Other institutions, even if large, have no full-time physician at all. Mental retardates with antisocial and delinquent behavior who do not show any severe symptoms of criminality or psychopathy can, after detection, often be sent straight to the regional center for the mentally retarded. This has been a problem for those trying to change the plight of the institutions, because it is doubtful whether there is a single exemplary model of care for the severely and profoundly retarded anywhere in this country. The number of retardates characterized as being antisocial is largely dependent upon how actively society helps the retardate at a preventive stage to either control his behavior or not let it lead to criminal acts. When citizens become concerned about an issue, such as where to locate a new highway or whether to build a new school, it has always been useful to be able to show these citizens, their legislators, and others in decision-making positions what the problem is all about by having ready access to a good existing example. Services for the Retarded With Antisocial Behavior .

This 2 is an odd paradox since one cannot imagine a physician referring a patient to a hospital for an operation if he knew nothing about the place and people involved. Among the remaining 500, about half (of which only 15-20 are women) require special fcnns of care.

In Copenhagen I visited a residential facility (Children s ^ Hospital at Vangede) which is in a suburban setting served by the cit^ s rapid transit system. Report made to the legislature of Massachusetts upon idiocy . The psycho-educational clinic under the direction of Sofffr Seymour b!

Along with others, I have been impressed on my visits there to find many residential facilities which were located close to population centers. Thus, for ’ f ® Regional Center has been able to create an important ™ University.

We all know of places where residents sit naked, surrounded by their excreta. The Services Pr ovided by Malmohus County Malmohus County is located at the southern tip of Sweden, across the strait from Denmark (see map. Some 5,500 babies are born annually within the county, and more people move in than out.

Although the authors were criticized by some, I believe that Blatt and Kaplan have performed a great and important service by pointing up this shocking problem. Most of the retarded are served at the county level, as will illustrated below with the example of Malmohus County. Although it is one of the most populous counties, having 424,000 inhabitants and a population density of 239 persons per square mile (92/km-), it is nonetheless considered a rural area.

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