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Phyllis' parents, Lydia and George Summers, paid her an unexpected visit in 1995.Phyllis had had no contact with them since she left home in her late teens, leaving behind her younger sister who idolized her. executive marketing consultant with Fenmore's Department Stores Former vice president of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics Former head of Jabot Face of Fashion Former head of Jabot Face of Fashion during Newman-Abbott Enterprises merger Former head of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics Briefly vice president of research and development at Newman Enterprises Formerly worked for the Tag NGrab website Former editor in chief of Restless Style magazine/webzine; when owned by Billy Former editor in chief of Restless Style magazine/webzine when owned by Nick Formerly employed at Newman Enterprises Former webmaster and partner with Nick in Restless Style magazine/webzine Former head of Clear Springs property development Worked for Jack Abbott campaign for State Senate Former partner in NPV Retreats Former director of Internet affairs at Jabot Cosmetics Former webmaster at Newman Enterprises Former Glo By Jabot webmaster at Jabot Cosmetics Former computer operator at a DMS Labs in New York City Danny Romalotti [Married: 1994; divorced: 1996; remarried: 1997; divorced: 1997] Jack Abbott [Married: Dec 26, 2001; divorced: 2004; Married: Apr 14, 2015; divorced: Oct 26, 2016] Nick Newman [Married: October 24, 2006-illegal; remarried: May 1, 2007; divorced: Nov 8, 2010; Remarried: Jun 12, 2012; Divorced: 2013] Daniel Romalotti Jr.(son with Brian; born 1994) Miscarriage 2001 (fathered by Jack) Summer Ann Newman (daughter with Nick; born Dec 18, 2006) Miscarriage Jun 8, 2012 (fathered by Nick) Lucy Carter (granddaughter, child of Daniel and Daisy Carter) Brian Hamilton (lovers) Danny Romalotti (lovers) Peter Garrett Dr.Tim, but didn't reveal her lover's identity to Danny. In a renewed effort to "get The Bug", Phyllis got Tim to accompany her and followed the newlyweds and bedeviled them on their Caribbean honeymoon with tricks like placing an eel in their bed.Tim began wearing a toupee for Phyllis, but she would throw it off when they made love saying he didnt need it. Phyllis' toddler son, Daniel, became seriously ill with bacterial meningitis and was hospitalized for several weeks. During this time Danny saw Phyllis in a new light and asked her to remarry him. Tim was unable to get her to tell him what she had done, but he convinced her that she needed to face her past and tell Paul and Christine whatever it was.So instead Tim testified on Phyllis' behalf that her marriage to Danny had a chance.

Sasha had been dumped by Peter, the man Phyllis had paid to keep her happy and quiet about Daniel's paternity, and was now demanding ,000 to keep mum about it.While Phyllis and Danny held vigil by his bedside, they became close. Two years after the hit and run by Phyllis, she overheard a phone conversation that led her to believe that the police had discovered that she was the driver. Tim accompanied Phyllis to Paul's office, but once they faced the couple, it became obvious to Phyllis through their conversation that they knew nothing about her part in the hit and run.So Phyllis and Tim left, leaving Paul, Chris, and Tim very confused.Tim Reid (deceased) (engagement broken 1996; lovers) Michael Baldwin (1997) (lovers) Malcolm Winters (lovers) Damon Porter (lovers) Nick Newman (lovers) Jack Abbott (lovers) Deacon Sharpe (lovers Aug 2010) Ronan Malloy (lovers 2011) Jack Abbott (lovers 2013; 2015; engagement broken) Billy Abbott (extra-marital affair 2016; lovers 2017) While married to Jack, an ectopic pregnancy left her with little chance of ever having another child (2001) Nearly died from hormone therapy prior to in-vetro fertilization (Jan 2002) Suffered a broken leg following a car accident (Apr 2010) A blood clot formed on her brain following a fall down a stairwell; was surgically removed, but later lapsed into a coma (Jul 2013); came out of coma (Sep 2014) Drugged Danny to be able to claim they had sex and she was pregnant (1994) Bribed a friend to fix paternity tests of her son Daniel (1995) Attempted murder by hit and run of Christine and Paul Williams (December 1994); discovered 2012 Blackmailed psychiatrist Dr.Tim Reid (1996) Breaking and entering hotel room of Chris and Paul while on their honeymoon in Nevis (1996) Paid off Sasha Green ,000 to leave town and not expose the paternity test she had falsified (1997) Murder of Sasha Green - suspect, but never charged (1997) Drugged Daniel's real father, Brian Hamilton to get blood for another paternity test (1997) Lost custody of her son Daniel and was declared an unfit mother due to a falsified paternity test (1997) Arranged abduction and captivity of Michael Baldwin; he never pressed charges (1998) Tried for attempted murder of Diane Jenkins by arson; acquitted; Diane had set the fire and framed Phyllis (2002) Arrested for conspiracy to commit attempted murder of Dominic Hughes and obstruction of justice; charges dropped Blackmailed Brad Carlton over his tryst with Sharon Newman to get him to vote Neil onto the Newman Board; found guilty, sentence overruled, released from prison Breaking and entering Sharon's room at the GCAC and cutting up her clothes Stole photos and published them without permission; lawsuit filed, and Phyllis was arrested; made a deal with Ricky to drop the lawsuit Arrested for obstruction of justice in the Diane Jenkins murder case; detained in jail and released later that day; charges were dropped a few days later Arrested for attempted murder of a federal officer (Christine Blair) in 1994; case was dismissed when judge discovered that Christine had not been a federal employee, statute of limitations had run out on attempted murder of Christine and Paul; Christine later filed a civil suit (2012) Moved the dead body of Tim Reid to avoid being implicated in his death (2012) Arrested for attempted murder of Kelly Andrews, found to be sane to stand trial; charges dropped after Kelly admitted setting her up (2015) Genoa City's own rock star Danny Romalotti appeared on Broadway in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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