Reverse psychology in dating men

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I also show how to implement this process in a situation where you are trying to get an ex back after a breakup.And one of the key ways I show how to do this is with the use of reverse psychology.In psychology, The person's subconscious sees that something important to them (i.e.control) is being taken away, and so it looks for a way to stop this.

And since the ‘Dumper’ is the one doing the dumping, he/she knows you were not prepared for it; so subconsciously the ‘Dumper’ builds barriers to protect their decision from your retaliation, they have actually put the fact that you will fight to fix the relationship into their plan of action and they know what exactly to do or say to defend their decision. They had programmed their mind so well that this was the way it was to happen that when it did not happen like that, the DUMPER actually now switches to ‘fix’ mode because his/her mind tells her ‘something is not right, this is not how it was meant to go’ and without knowing what happened …they start acting opposite of your response in an attempt to … Hmmm my explanation is a bit shaky with loopholes…wouldn’t mind hearing your views and comments on this subject…So, how do you then use reverse psychology to get your ex to start thinking of you again?Well, if you are the ‘Dumped one’, I suggest you; As it’s not certain how exactly reverse psychology works, I will just give a few of my opinions on why I think it works.By doing the exact opposite of what the person is being asked to do, the subconscious reasons that the person can regain control.And so the thing that is important to the person (i.e. The interesting thing about this is that when you understand how reverse psychology works in a person's mind, you can use it to even get a person to do something they don’t actually want to do, and which can even be against their best interest.

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