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Consider planning a “safe call”: arrange for a friend to call you during the date to make sure you feel comfortable.

Always drive yourself to and from the date, instead of relying on someone you met online for a car ride home.

Most of these safe online dating services require a membership fee, so choose wisely.

“There’s a difference between being cyber savvy and cyber secure,” says Michael Kaiser, the executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Most dating sites include the option to block an individual user if your interactions make you feel uneasy.

If someone is harassing or extorting you, contact the dating site’s customer service immediately.

Copy the profile picture of a potential match into the Google Images search bar.

The online dating world can be both an exciting and scary place at the same time.If you’re browsing a dating app on your mobile device, use a mobile version of Google Image search.If you’ve clicked with someone and would like to meet in person, choose your location wisely.Respected dating sites will encourage users to report any shady activity.These sites do not tolerate behavior that is aggressive or illegal.

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