Salt and peper dating

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since you can't make everyone happy, just make yourself happy.

I could see you looking really good with some hair. My opinion means nothing But to continue, hair is fine and all, but don't you recall how nice the wind was on your bare head?

These grinders not only fit in perfectly, they are also a pleasure to cook with.

Gave 4 stars because the internals are made of mainly plastic so we'll see how long they hold up.

They are beautiful, work really well with adjustable grind size and wipe off easily.

I was even more excited when I realized that the price was for both grinders--would have paid that for each I wanted them so badly!

Help i need you opinions lol thanks again Although bald is a great look, I seriously believe that men can look pull off the salt and pepper hair.There's a guy that lives across the street from me that's greying a little, yet I think he's hot. I have know many men who go grey early in life and for most it really suites them and is SEXY AS HELL!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYWhat ever look you are most comfortable with would be my suggestion for you,....either way I am sure you will be a Hottie..... You look great with a shaved head, but salt n pepper is sexy too. Do you WANT to be mistaken for someone several years younger?Havne't looked at your pics, so I can't comment on you personally. Younger girls probably would say that it's better shaved than salt and pepper. Okay so that doesn't answer your original question.Hopefully they last longer than our other grinders! The lighter grinder is a little darker (more griege) than it originally looked to me in the photos but I still think these neutral grinders work for any decor.These salt and pepper shakers have been a great edition to my kitchen!

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