School rumble dating sim

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Sweat drops, nose bleeds, awkward silences, tsundere and agression are abundant here.

Welcome to Watch, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Anime Characters With Social Troubles.

Hachiman puts up a conscious effort to distance himself from the people around him and remain within his own headspace.

This reclusive behaviour makes everyone around him see him as arrogant.

Contrary to popular belief, Kimura has been proven to be in a committed marriage with a beautiful wife and daughter, yet it's suspected that they're both unaware of his “extracurricular activities”.An inability to read basic social cues and body language plagues Tomoko in her quest for social approval.Within two months of entering high school she's managed to, unintentionally, avoid meaningful contact with every single person in her class. Tomoko's affinity for erotic manga and dating sims has jaded her perception of real life communication, making interactions with her uncomfortable to say the least.Kyou is a misunderstood soul that finds it nearly impossible to connect with people due to his childhood abandonment issues.In order to mask his many insecurities, Kyou has adopted a rude and standoffish behaviour, but deep down he's just as vulnerable as anyone.

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