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With respectful wishes -- [Signed by fourteen students.]"In 1965, Neutra formally partnered with architect and son Dion Neutra as Richard and Dion Neutra and Associates. He died in Germany in 1970 while in the middle of an argument with a client, according to grandson Justin, who later made a short film about Neutra, listed on the left. Richard Neutra: An Interior View, a terrific eight-minute film by grandson Justin Neutra. Neutra's client, who was a fitness expert, wanted the house to symbolize physical well-being. The house was included in the 1932 NY Museum of Modern Art exhibit that redefined the International style. In 1990 Neutra's wife Dione left the house to California Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design. Actor Charlie Chaplin used the house to hide from publicity in the early 1940's he was dating the then-underage Oona O'Neill. Sold to Jeffrey and Jeanne Levy-Hinte who hired Biber Architects in association with Marmol-Radziner for a 2005 renovation. Later, Paul Hoag did a studio apartment addition, bottom photo. As she reports, the guest house "stands in the exact spot it was designed for and is enjoyed enormously by friends who previously only had day beds as an option for overnight stays." Interior color photos by Raymond Neutra. A studio building was added around 1979 (second photo from bottom). This redwood and sandstone suburban house is two interlocking rectangles. Thaddeus Longstreth, who collaborated with Neutra, supervised the Neutra-planned western extension of the house to accommodate two more bedrooms and another full bath. Located at the Thunderbird Country Club, formerly the Tamarisk Country Club, a gated community with no public access.The film was Justin's audition for the American Film Institute. In 1999 it was named one of the World Monument Fund's 100 Most Endangered Sites but as of 2010 the danger was over. Sten and Frenke bought the adjacent lot and combined it with theirs. , Brownsville TX, the state's first Modernist residence. Sold in 1995 to Peterson Conway whose remodels and additions removed much of the oringal Neutra design, including replacing the flat roof with a shed roof, adding on to the front of the house, and adding a connector building (lilac rooftop) between the garage and the studio (bottom photo). Most photos provided by the Blinks' granddaughter, Sally Shapiro.1941 - Avion Village, 800 Skyline Road, Dallas (Grand Prairie) TX. The entire development was finished in 100 days with the help of an on-site makeshift prefabrication plant. Walls of different heights and textures separate public and private entrances. Longstreth included built-ins in the same style in the expansion. Owned as of 2012 by architect Hilmer Goedeking who specializes in restoring Neutra houses. For unknown reasons, Luella, who died in 2002, resisted placing the house on the National Register of Historic Places, or incorporating restrictions into its title. Rotenberg in 2002 on the promise he would preserve it.Among many projects, Schindler and Neutra collaborated on an entry for the League of Nations Competition of 1927; in the same year they formed a design firm with planner Carol Aronovici called the Architectural Group for Industry and Commerce (AGIC).

At the time of construction, it was the most unusual apartment complex in LA. He contacted Neutra and asked to build one in Brownsville. Deeded in 2013 to a Brody family trust., Los Angeles CA. The Avion Village Mutual Housing Corporation purchased the development from the federal government in 1948. The living room's wood paneling had been painted, the closet doors replaced with sliding mirrored versions. Won an Honor Award from the Southern California Chapter of the AIA in January 1947. Neutra designed the Boomerang Chair for these houses, shown in the bottom photo by Julius Shulman. Sold to a second owner around 1981 who made a few changes. Neutra designated a swimming pool which was never installed. Neutra's first housing development project in Europe after World War II, a dense estate of detached houses near Frankfurt Airport, later partly spoiled by subsequent alterations. The building was replaced by the house in the bottom photo, which Neutra's son Dion photographed in 2008., Des Moines IA. Neutra designed the unique platform concept but had disagreements with the developers who changed details of Neutra's plans) and withdrew from the project. Beckett finished the houses and did at least one more similar house at 2231 Gloaming, Beverly Hills, completed in 1961., Beverly Hills CA.Schindler was also having an affair with Harriet Freeman, Lovell's sister-in-law (who Lovell intensely disliked) and Lovell didn't want the architect of his new Health house under her influence.Schindler was just as happy not to put up with Lovell, and the project shifted to Neutra.As of April 2012, maintenance funding was in question as TSC and UT-Brownsville ended their partnership. Built for two doctors, William Schiff and Ernest Wolfes. Nelda Linsk hired in 1964 to add about 2200 sf of interior space by converting a patio into a media room; a wall was removed so the newly enclosed space could open into the original living room; additional air conditioning was placed on the roof. Sold in 2001 to Mark Haddawy and Kathleen Rodriguez who still owned it as of 2014. Perkins died in March 1991 and left the house to the Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Sold in 2000 to fashion mogul Tom Ford (second photo, left). At one time it was owned by industrialist/philanthropist Norton Simon and actress Jennifer Jones The kitchen (last photo) was renovated - poorly, says son Dion Neutra. Foreclosed in January 2011 and sold to Soda Partners LLC for about M, according to Blockshopper LA. Sold in 2003 to architect Charles Scott Hughes who renovated and expanded it in 2005. Sold around 2005 to Hikaru Utada and Kazuhiro Iwashita. 1956 - The Alfred de Schulthess House, 19A #15012, Cubanacan Playa, Havana, Cuba. Raul Alvarez worked as supervising architect; Benno Fischer, Serge Koschin, John Blanton all worked on the architectural design. Below, a garage, extra bedroom, and an added living space. 1965 - The BEWO-Bau Gmb H Development II, Quickborn, Germany. A dense estate of 67 detached houses; they have been better preserved than the first BEWO development of 1960. Begun as a low-budget project drawn by his son Dion, and completed (after a break during which financing was unavailable) by Honegger, a Swiss architect who previously worked with Neutra. 2011 - A house for sale in Madrid is listed as designed by Richard Neutra.A nonprofit called Neutra Cultural Center in 2014 signed a three-year lease with the City of Brownsville to teach architecture, design, visual arts and culture to low- and moderate-income children. Schiff's wife Ilse Schiff made a number of trendy changes in the building towards the end of her life. Furnishings selected by Neutra were replaced by interior designer and Lautner house owner Arthur Elrod. Sold in 1980 to Barry Manilow (Barney Property Trust) who did a number of unfortunate renovations. Marmol Radziner did a well-publicized and immaculate 1995 restoration. Named in 2008 as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Landmark. Built by director Dudley Murphy, it opened in 1948 and catered to stars including Frank Sinatra, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe. Sold in 2004 to John Mack Faragher and Michele Hoffnung. Sold 18 days later to Ten 801 Chalon Road Holding Trust, controlled by Ford. Saved from demolition; sold in October 2011 for .8M to Hestia Properties LLC controlled by Stavros Niarchos III, young Greek shipping tycoon. Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx collaborated on the landscape design of the three-acre property. According to Der Spiegel 26 August 1964, the development got off to a very difficult start - with only four homes sold 18 months in. Material and craftsmanship were outstanding, but Neutra demanded a new thinking from the purchasers by offering smallish homes tightly packed together, 44 of them even attached, with small private gardens but blocked views. Built on the outskirts of Wengen with an impressive view of the Eiger mountain massif. Even so, a few months before he died, Neutra requested in a letter to be referred to as the home's original designer. Sold in the late 1980's to the Bachmanns, third owners. However, Neutra never designed any houses in Spain.

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