Scrabble stats not updating

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Developers should expect Vuforia to support ARCore as part of our commitment to deliver the best possible AR experience on any device," said Jay Wright, president of Vuforia, in a statement to Next Reality.

Several developers have also had advance access to ARCore.

ARCore provides a feature set almost identical to ARKit.

ARCore uses the phone's camera to anchor objects in space.

Google is working with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, LG, ASUS, and others to expand support for the platform to additional devices with 100 million devices targeted before the end of the preview, according to a blog post.

But, it works without any additional hardware, which means it can scale across the Android ecosystem," wrote Dave Burke, VP of Android Engineering, in a blog post.

⇑ Hide instructions May 2015 Update: I have added more vowels with diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, circumflexes, etc.) to the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French alphabets.

With diacritical marks, these letters have the same value as their unaccented counterparts and should be calculated as such.

Click the ‘x’ to remove a word from the cache, and again, your total will be updated.

This might be useful if you are trying to calculate the total of multiple words that intersect or border other words on the Scrabble board.

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