Serial monogamy dating

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Find someone whose good qualities outweigh the bad and don't hold them to an unattainable standard.

If there's something you like to do and your partner isn't into it, you can negotiate other ways to have your needs met.

I desperately wanted to share this passion with him, to hike together and fall asleep under the stars. We had plenty of other things in common, but this unchecked box unnerved me.

Filmmaker Julia Maryanska, who is currently working on a about alternative models for relationships, told me that I was being unrealistic: No one person can possibly be expected to fulfill all of your needs.

With social media injecting itself into every corner of our romantic lives, jealousy triggers abound.

Why did our partner just "like" that photo of that person from his past? Why don't I have a nice house and an expensive car like him?

By dating multiple people, polyamorists can find someone to check all of their boxes without pressuring any one person to be someone they're not.

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I love to be outdoors, but a previous partner of mine preferred air conditioning to a fresh mountain breeze.

We kept our flirting going when I returned home to New York, eventually evolving into cross-country courting.

But I thought I could be cool about the third party in our relationship; the second I started Facebook-stalking him, I realized I couldn't.

I initially saw POSM at the Inside Out Gay/Lesbian film festival of Toronto at the Tiff Bell Lightbox and liked it so much I went to see it again when it opened at the Carlton Theatre.

I love the movie's quirky characters as much as I enjoy that the actors themselves are from my hometown of Toronto.

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