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Coleman has been arrested numerous times in Dallas County, and in 2010 pleaded guilty to assault.

Both Coleman and Griffin-White have been charged with first-degree murder.

Coleman then complains 'Baby, I want a go' from off-camera, before taking the phone and apparently reading through the skeptical comments.

They include 'Don't tell or show what ya got, surprise em' and 'Real Gs move in silence.'Annoyed that people don't seen to believe him, Griffin-White then shows the camera his pistol, unloading the clip while repeating 'Quit playin' man.' He sits in the front of the car and the duo go through the list of commenters, systematically calling each one 'gay'. 'Why don't you all look at this, how you know it's real,' he says, bringing out his cell phone with text messages on it. I ain't gonna lie to y'all brother.'Look, I hit him up...

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Finally, angry at the continued disbelief, he says: 'Didn't we all leave the scene? I said look, I shot at it, look...'Quoting his text message, he says he told one victim 'I could've killed you easy but I let y'all boys make it' because a mutual friend had helped him.

Griffin then repeats the man's reply over and over: 'He said, "You shot your son when my son was in the car."'On Friday, after their arrest, Coleman - who raps under the name Mamme Kash - posted on Facebook: 'Im Far From A Murderer.

'I got at so many people, this how many bullets I got left.The teen died in Dallas's Baylor University Medical Center.Police released security camera footage of the events leading up to the shooting.It's extremely common for couples to want to experiment in the bedroom, after all haven't you ever thought about someone else? My Bed is the online social network for swingers, open relationships and those looking for some NSA fun.It's simple to find other normal people like you who want to indulge their fantasies.

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