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14-18, South Shore Conservatory, 1 Conservatory Drive, Hingham. For tuition and registration details, visit SSC site or call. For more information email [email protected], go to or Facebook at SSHAGLY South Shore. 15Free fun at Duxbury Beach: -11 a.m., every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in July and August. Scituate: Galley Kitchen, PJ’s Country House and Riva Restaurant. Take your questions (and your devices, if applicable) to this drop-in session with reference staff on hand. This department offers a full range of classical ballet classes for children ages 3 and up, and hip hop for ages 5 through 11, with a staged end-of-year spring concert. Placement classes for students ages 8 and up, with previous ballet experience, will be held during the month of August 2017. South Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth is a meeting and support group exclusively for youth ages 14-22. 16Technology Help Drop-In Hour: 2 p.m., Tufts Library, 46 Broad St., Weymouth. Free entertainment by local musicians Wednesdays in July and August. 20, Company Theatre, 30 Accord Park Drive, Norwell. Yes, twenty years after finishing high school there, with academic honors and social disgrace (no friends and an abusive home life), spending hours and hours at the public library for safety and nourishment, and after living away all this time, I still grow nervous just approaching the town, all my history there coming back to flood, drown, take me down.Actually entering and being there is often so anxiety-ridden that I cannot wait to leave, obviously, sadly, again my heart moving the car toward the highway to travel north back to my present home, outside Chicago.

Today featuring Kenny Hadley Big Band with jazz vocalist Steve Martin. Disney’s The Little Mermaid performances: July 28-Aug. Mary of the Portiuncula Order of Franciscan Seculars.

Please include the time, date, location, street address and town of the event. Audrey Hepburn Film Friday: 1 p.m., Fridays in August, Ventress Memorial Library, 15 Library Plaza, Marshfield. Outdoor/indoor layout is open rain or shine, grounds are stroller/wheelchair friendly. 20, Company Theatre, 30 Accord Park Drive, Norwell.

If possible, provide a contact phone number and website. 11Story Time with Sleeping Beauty: a.m., Paragon Carousel, 205 Nantasket Ave., Hull.

— coming to get me, to take me by force from the house to eradicate a plague by witch burning, beatings with tire irons, shootings with the guns boys and men kept on racks in the backs of their trucks, “their women” (whom they held by the backs of their necks while walking down the streets) cheering them on, a local minister giving his blessing, the police standing guard. The screaming in my ear of ‘faggot,’ ‘queer,’ and/or ‘I’m gonna kill ya’? A punch in the chest or arm or face with another epithet—this time done with a club or maybe a bullet for “resisting arrest”—just existing? He is a large part of the local power structure—for life; I am, conversely, the unwelcome other, the presence unwanted, the holiday ruined—for life.

This never physically happened, of course, but it wasn’t then, and isn’t now, so fantastical, actually. To visit my mother or a beloved teacher or that good, safe library, I must drive the streets knowing he “might-could” be the one in the cop car about to pull me over. And I love the land: the rolling hills and deep valleys of the Missouri Ozarks; the animals of all kinds wandering the country-side to play with; the ancient smell of those mountains; the tress I can still talk to on a walk undetected; the abandoned barns through which to crawl, though you shouldn’t; the required wave—even, maybe especially, to strangers—from the steering wheel, often just a few fingers, while driving down any road; that library; a peach pie bought at the farmer’s market any summer Thursday, homemade in a kitchen full of some kind of love. I will continue to return to Marshfield, to drive there alone, be there, afraid of a real, ever-present, and always possible violence, just to be in that land that, yes, can be taken away however much the heart beats to move the car or myself from the harm of drowning by any means.

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