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The general argument scientists make is that only the double-blind experiment is scientifically rigorous.However, AIDS activists in California successfully challenged such claims in the court, leading to the change in scientific protocols concerning new drugs thought to assist in the battle against the disease (e.g., EPSTEIN, 1997).As I am writing this paragraph, an email exchange on the email list accompanying the journal (CAREY, 2004) about a social psychological study in which the memories of participants were tampered with to make them think that as children they had gotten ill eating certain foods.Peter SMAGORINSKY, one of the participants on the list commented, "I don't think this study would get through my university's Institutional Review Board" (xmca email, SEP 27, 2004).However, some research practices continue, though questioned and successfully fought in some communities.

I extend an invitation to readers to contribute to this debate of ethical issues in qualitative research.The two agreed to appear on the show together to work on their relationship.Kathy Wolcott of Sequim, WA, was shopping at her local Walmart store when she saw a man secretly photographing her three-year-old son on his cellphone.Loyal (WOLCOTT, 2002), in which the ethnographer-author admits to have had an initially unacknowledged homosexual relationship with his research participant.We also had an unofficial start in the previous issue ([2]) with a contribution that describes the practice of introducing graduate students to the ethical questions of qualitative research (Mc GINN & BOSACKI, 2004).

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