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Only half of these successful super mutants became soldiers of the Unity.In 2152, as the influence of the Master's army began to spread throughout the wastes, the Master came into contact with a group of human Doomsday cultists, led by a man named Morpheus.As he began to feel stronger and more capable than ever before, he came up with the idea to "unify" the wasteland, to make it as perfect as he believed himself to be.In January of 2103, the Master perfected his method of infecting, or "dipping" humans, and began creating the super mutants, who followed the Master's every command.Realizing the benefits of retaining unaltered humans in his service to act as spies throughout the region, the Master recruited Morpheus's cult into his service, thereby expanding his power.In 2155, the Master discovered the location of an unnumbered experimental Vault-Tec vault prototype, located just south of the center of the ruins of Los Angeles, California, now called the Boneyard. Richard Moreau was a resident of Vault 8, later known as Vault City, where he worked as a doctor.

Each page has been added to the Forcepoint Master Database in the appropriate category.

It also began capturing humans that stumbled upon its lair, and intentionally exposing them to the FEV.

These initial mutated humans were incredibly flawed, and the newly named Master consumed them rather than letting them live.

This entity expanded its biological mass by absorbing other creatures and people that came near the base, and bionically merging itself with computer equipment from the base.

The ones he consumed also became part of his multiple personalities.

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