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But there was also one other piece of technology mentioned at IBM Connect 2017 that those in the know are even more excited about, but seems far less sexy… The person who mentioned them was Gary Theis, the Chief Technology Officer at ZUMATA.

Astonishing though they are when you think about them, these are now well-recognised chunks of what we now know will be our future.

Bots take this a stage further, and in fact a stage closer to that early situation of being with a local shop owner who knows you personally.

The interface is personal: you might just speak, perhaps to say you’re baking a cake for your nephew.

self-driving cars (even ones that strike up conversations with you): so far, so familiar.

He likens the job to tidying up a horrendous bundle of cords at the back of a massive computer, making sense of the mess and making sure that you find the best way to match the data provided by hotel companies up to the way the customers are using the websites.

It parroted one user to spread a Trump message, tweeting "WE'RE GOING TO BUILD A WALL.

AND MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT." Under the tutelage of other Twitter users, Tay even learned how to make threats and identify "evil" races.

Drones, 3D printing and self-driving cars might get all the headlines, but chat bots really do have the power to revolutionise how companies and customers do business.

Microsoft called this a "coordinated attack" that took advantage of a "critical oversight" and took Tay down, even as it unveiled a significant new strategy focused on bots and related conversational computing tools.

The company isn't giving up because it thinks the technology is such an important part of its future plans.

The next stage was a website with lists of products that you could buy, clicking on them one after another.

A few clever algorithms meant that it sometimes prompted you to buy X because you bought it last time, or because it is related to Y, which is already in your shopping trolley.

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