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Smooth (by Joey)Cockroach (by Dwayne)Stud Man (by Joey)Sexy Snake, Snake the Sexy Roofer (by Joey)Poor Snakey Wakey (by Wheels)Momma's Little Boy (by Wheels)Asshole (by Wheels)Mister media (class in season 1)The Snakester (by Emma)Mr. (by Jimmy and Craig)Uncle Archie (by Angela)The Notorious Snake (by Diane)Mr.

Despite his lazy attitude, he was good in school, running for president.

108), hires older student Clutch (portrayed by Steve Bedernjak ) to buy them beer and before being caught by the police ("Pa-arty!! 315), and sneaks into the closed school to try to see favorite rock band, The Savages film a music video ("Extracurricular Activities ", DH ep. The boys' interest and availability to rehearse their music wanes, but Joey keeps bringing them back ("Sealed With a Kiss", DJH ep. Among his failed adolescent pairings are Melanie Brodie (portrayed by Sara Ballingall), Michelle Accette (portrayed by Maureen Mc Kay), and Christine "Spike" Nelson (portrayed by Amanda Stepto) ("Making Whoopee", DJH ep. Upon learning that Snake really likes Michelle Accette and would rather go with her, Spike backs out and keeps her disappointment secret from Snake.

During the summer following his graduation from Degrassi High School, he takes a job as a lifeguard in the hope of impressing a bikini-clad woman to take his virginity; unfortunately, he only succeeds in impressing children. Having finally taken enough of Joey's teasing over his virginity throughout the summer, Snake angrily denounces Joey for his infidelity toward Joey's girlfriend Caitlin Ryan.

He also had a passion for music, starting a band named Zit Remedy.

He is also shown to be exceptionally skilled in swimming, basketball, and guitar.

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