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We also service king pins, ball joints and other suspension & steering parts as needed to ensure proper alignments and vehicle safety.Our Axiline-Shaftmaster II driveshaft machine enables us to do driveshaft repair, manufacturing and balancing.Additionally, one with this problem should seek medical advice, as there may be a specific cause for the pain rather than just a general type of pain. Mauser: Orthotic devices are usually a custom made device inserted into the shoe that is made from a mold of a patient's foot, that will control abnormal motion, provide support, and accommodate specific problems.Moderator: Can you please tell us more about orthotic devices? There are various different devices that could be made, and there are devices for different activities.Being a full service suspension, brake and steering shop, allows Mc Farland to prepare trucks for snow plows & sand/salt spreaders.Boss is the leading manufacturer of snowplows for ½, ¾ & 1 ton pickups.Torwell Industries, New England’s largest manufacturer of (commercial & heavy duty) spreaders, completes our snow and ice management line.

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Our VIS, computerized chassis and brake inspection system helps us diagnose brake and chassis problems. Moderator: svlarde asks: "My feet hurt first thing in the morning, or after sitting. Podiatrists deal with all sorts of problems with the feet, from orthopedic problems to skin problems, from children to adults in all aspects of health care.The people in the stores are knowledgeable about the shoes.A custom made pair of orthotic devices may alleviate discomfort.

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