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In 1865 a giant lion's mane jellyfish was found in the Massachusetts Bay.The bell was 7 1/2 feet and it's tentacles measured 120 feet long and a width of 245 ft..Most sightings are of a huge dark mass rising out of the water and moving quickly across the loch.Morag is thought to be 30 feet long with humps and is a dark brown color.The creature is described as being 25 to 30 ft long, blackish color, fins on it's back and hair like growths on its head.Much more on this creature at the CNN web site Loch Morar is not only close to and similar to Loch Ness, but it also has a creature dwelling in it's depths similar to Nessie in Loch Ness.The creature is described as having a long neck and a dragon like head.It also has a hump which is seen more often, creating a wake across the lake's surface.

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No specimens of the California salamanders have been captured and studied yet.The natives claim this creature has even snatched people off of piers as they stood there unaware of the animals presence.Fisherman have reported catching salamanders up to 8 ft long in the Trinity Alps in California.A member of the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau, Neil Bass, saw the creature in 1970 and a water disturbance was witness by others with him right after his sighting. Bernard Heuvelmans listed 9 basic types of sea serpents in his book , In the Wake of Sea Serpents.He was the founder of The Center for Cryptozoology in France.

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