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You begin to feel taken for granted and unappreciated. But you can't express your anger, so you internalize your frustrations and become anxious, passive aggressive, or depressed. This doesn't mean you can never do anything for anyone again.

I was motivated by the positive reinforcement I received when making others happy, and I felt my worthiness was connected to pleasing.Even though you deeply desire their acceptance and approval, you push them away with your lack of self-respect and confidence to stand your ground, speak up for yourself, and express your own choices and beliefs. It takes tremendous energy to keep everyone happy and say “yes” to every request.This loss of respect often leads more unconscious people to truly take advantage of you, using you to meet their needs without appreciating your time, effort, or generosity. It's impossible to be perfect, to avoid all conflict, and to live without your own beliefs and values. Your personal happiness, your relationships, and even your health depend on your ability to reclaim yourself and stop people pleasing.Here are some thoughts: This is always the first step toward positive change.If you recognize yourself as a people pleaser and see how it's harming you and your relationships, then you must acknowledge it's past time to do something about it.

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