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You, however, have received consistently excellent reviews.(Of course, it’s certainly true that lots of bad managers give bad employees good reviews, because they’re wimps, and it’s possible that that’s the case here …Some backstory, I’ve been working full time as a salaried, non-exempt employee at my company for the past three years.

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I recently was pulled into a surprise meeting with HR, where they told me that I am taking too many bathroom breaks and it is becoming unacceptable.Are there concerns about my productivity or the quality of my work?” And if she says no, then you ask, “If my work and productivity is good, why on earth would anyone pay the slightest bit of attention to my bathroom usage?In fact, Suzanne Lucas of Evil HR Lady recently wrote about a similar situation from the other side …but in that case the frequent bathroom-user had performance problems, and those were the real issue.

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