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This never happens at any other location I frequent. We asked for the corporate number they gave us 614-560-9087 and the name Scott.

One of the managers walked away while we were talking with our receipt in her hand and refused to give it to us. My friends and I will never eat at another Chipotle again. Last week I went into Chipotle on Garnet Ave and when I got home my chips tasted stale.

I do hope you can reflect better on yourself, take pride in your strength and power to keep your head up brush this loss off and go out there with the grace and dignity needed to get through this world.

Reply Not sure if this has been addressed yet but one clear source of contamination is something I see almost every time I go to chipotle.

) conducting yourself with this amount of hate an disrespect is appalling.

Perhaps their interview questions could be of a better format, but if you were to be granted the job and a customer mouthed off to you because they see you as just a minimum wage worker, or Corporate Lackey, or whatever, this message demonstrates that you would not have been a solid culture fit for the company.

It tastes like I made it which is very bland with no flavor.

Almost as if someone just mashed up some avocados, threw in some chopped onions and called it a day.

In January 2015, the company pulled Carnitas from its menu in 1/3 of their locations, citing animal welfare issues with a pork supplier. The company was forced to close 43 stores as a precaution.Thank you Tanya Bufkin 708-252-XXXX [email protected] at I’ve been going to chipotle for several years in the Boston area.I frequent comm ave Boston, Saugus , Peabody, Framingham, Woburn . I was one of the first customers on the opening of that location.So like any good Samaritan that truly loves Chipotle, I called them up and said “hey your guacamole doesn’t taste right, did someone new leave out an ingredient? Anyways, I thought I would let you guys know & tell you my lengthy Chipotle experience just in case you don’t have enough things to read. Sincerely, Kyle Thompson Reply My credit card was charged twice yesterday ( – different amounts) at the Plymouth Meeting, PA location with a single transaction (swipe).” Nina replied, “hey sorry about that, the avocados we normally get haven’t been ripe so we got these ones from a different source.” I said “no problem Nina, have a great night.” Customer service per usual is an A and the dude with beard is always super nice with smile on his face. I believe Chipotle still has a data breach problem they are not telling the public about.

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