Tamagotchi dating cheat

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However, there is a fifth stage: the "Senior" Adult. ok well mines can go on the dating show but u can onli use it 2 times a dai and u hav to chose which one of ur adults gets to marry not all of them get married so u exacly hav to wait 2 dais no more no less and onli 2 times a dai hope i help =Dyou *****s! in the OLDER ADULT stage, you wait TWO days and then you can go on the dating show and get married. I'm sorry, on my last message, it blocked the words D-U-M-M-I-E-S and M-O-R-O-N-S.

Wait a bit longer till your Tamagotchi changes once more, then use the Dating my tamagotchi v5 has just changed into an adult this morning ( there ever so cute ) but i heard i am going to have to wait about a day or to till i can go onto the dating show or marrige :) i have tryed lots of cheats but none of them seen to work. Warning the other tamas will cry and leave from tamagotchi. every says over and over, 'u have 2 wait 2 days to get married'!!!

i dont give a *** about "beating the system" and honestly, i bet most of the people on here are 9 year olds, with no friends. wait 1.5 to 3 days (depends on who you have) 2 and a half.

Posted: dec 03, 2008 pm Best answer Unregistered 0 0tama v5 dating show the dating show is a matchmaker! After they leave you will get 3 new tamas and it will be generation 2! %(# so like say this you *** bucktothed scurvey ridden cabin boys Hey do this and your in the DATING SHOWyeah, hi. and i really dont care if my *** words get bleeped.

Shop Codes: You enter these by going to the shopkeeper in the shop and push A four times until he/she looks surprised.

Then enter in the code by using the buttons coordinating with the letters.

BCAA CBAB : Pen BABC BAAA : Steak CAAC BBCB : Clone machine BBAA ABCB : Honey (Love potion) CCCA CBBC : CD3 When you enter in the last code, it will give you a rare cell phone instead.

To marry, select "Marry" after selecting the version type. Chantotchi should be sent to Mametchi.) It won't work backwards. If the ball goes down, press and hold B to go down and C to hit the ball.After you marry, you can go back and correct the date and time.To marry him/her, select "Yes." Your tama is now married!Blended families are a great way to get a variety of characters that you can marry into Pure Families.The instruction booklet only has four stages: Baby, Child, Teenager, or Adult. you go from baby to child to teen to adult to OLDER ADULT.

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