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Meanwhile, an unbiased account — body camera footage from several officers who were at the scene of the encounter — is sitting on a server in the cloud, where almost no one can see it.

Standing in the way of clarity and transparency, critics say, is a new North Carolina law that makes it more difficult than ever to view recordings of controversial interactions between police and members of the public.

Figueroa thinks prosecutors and police just want the case to go away.

If her son enters a plea, she said, “no one has to reinvestigate. There’s no civil liability, no public apology.” She added that “we’re not pleading guilty.” [She started the night drinking at home — and ended it being pepper-sprayed in a restraint chair] For weeks before the incident, Jose had been involved in a war of words on social media with a group of boys, his mother said.

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Then, they say, the officer slammed him to the ground.

While he waited, Jose was found by the boys he’d been fighting with on social media.

Things turned violent and Jose got the worst of it, his mother said.

It was his.] Post TV talked to the International Union of Police Associations and the National Press Photographers Association about civilians' rights when it comes to filming law enforcement. (The Washington Post) Activists say the teenager’s case is another example of police brutality from a police department that has had two officers resign amid an investigation of excessive force involving a black person.

The new law has layered frustration on top of the critics’ fury.

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