The ugly truth about teen dating

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And why, if Michael Munn was such a good friend, did he never introduce him to us?I also can't imagine what my father was doing in London in 1982 when this interview is said to have happened, because he spent his summers in the South of France and the winters in Switzerland.

'If he wanted to confess something, why would it be to this man? 'He had lots of friends who were priests; he knew cardinals, for heaven's sake.

He adds that Niven and his three siblings shared such a family resemblance that they were obviously from the same parents.

'So unless they were all products of an affair with the postman, then I find this hard to believe.

According to Munn (who has also written biographies on Lord Olivier, Kirk Douglas and John Wayne), Niven told him that his mother, Henriette Degacher, was married to William Niven, a wealthy landowner killed fighting the Turks in the World War I when the young David was five.

His real father, David said, was her long-term lover Thomas Platt, a diplomat and Conservative politician who later became Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt, whom his mother married two years after William's death.

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