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Not only things like natural gas and oil, but a 3 thousand kilometer coast whose fishing rights have been sold to a great extent to the Japanese, leaving Argentine fisherman unemployed.

All this is what happens when a well intentioned pretty well developed & industrialized country follows the policy of the World Bank, IMF, and current rules of modern capitalism to the T.

He is estranged to his former life because of his last few ...

See full summary » Divided into three segments, namely 1 Neocolonialism, 2 Act for liberation, 3 Violence and liberation, the documentary lasts more than 4 hours this deals with the defense of the revolution ...

See full summary » An eclectic group of actors struggle to save their theater from being demolished and replaced with a shopping mall.

Max, the leader of the troupe, is a workaholic director who abandoned his...

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But Argentine reality is different, as shown in this film.

If possible, see the director's earlier "Memorias del Saqueo" (2004)first.

YES, you may think the people are responsible for electing corrupt politicians.

And again, this is not India with a billion people & endemic poverty for centuries.

This is (WAS) a nearly fully developed country THE SIZE OF India, but with 3.8% of India's population, and all the natural reserves India, China, Japan don't have!

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