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Netflix has a collection of reality television shows that might just help you enjoy these last winter storms a little bit more.

Whether you favor makeovers, people acting out or even a little education, there's a bit of reality for your streaming needs.

The gorgeous house, the low-stress interactions, and a peek into the everyday culture of Japan is soothing and addictive all at once. Fuck everyone and everything,’ twat type of wankers.

I prefer the term ‘ambitious.’” He leads a team of two other salesmen who are occasionally as unscrupulous and smarmy as he is in a glamorous life of overselling double-glazed windows and taking advantage of customers in 1980s Essex.

Why You Should Watch: New to Netflix, this BBC series is a disappointing follow-up to Damon Beesley’s “The Inbetweeners” and tries very hard to make Vincent a comedic anti-hero who’ll get his comeuppance, but falls short of actual humor. Westwick, whatever the hell he’s doing here, is always engaging, especially when he’s looking viewers straight in the eye, and former “Inbetweeners” stars James Buckley and Joe Thomas have great chemistry as warring salesmen.

The nostalgia factor can’t be beat, with the a blaring 1980s soundtrack and cars and clothes to match.

Why You Should Watch: True to Hjørdis’ less experienced, more gentle nature, this series is more family-friendly (read: no sex) than “Rita” is.

Instead, it takes sort of the “Chef’s Table” approach by getting to know some of the inspirations and photographic techniques told through the lens (ha! Netflix Premise: It’s like the Japanese “Real World” but without the drama.

Three young women and three young men live in a fabulous house and get the run of the city driving Toyota vehicles.

What it amounts to is a mounting body count and massive cover-up that leads to serious consequences for those who investigate too closely. Brisk and often hilarious writing, especially where the youngest kids are concerned, give the very game actors plenty to work with. Netflix Premise: On his first day on the job in Aberystwyth, DCI Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) investigates the disappearance and later the death of an elderly woman who is found dead in a ravine without her teeth.

Why You Should Watch: The six-part season flies by with plenty of intrigue to spare, and mixes the slick cyber world of hacking with remote, uninhabited vistas. Why You Should Watch: This Welsh crime series scratches that itch for Nordic noir like “The Killing,” while delivering the promised remote hinterlands as a backdrop.

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