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I found out that the game was installed by AMD and that it has some interaction with Adobe CS.I have no idea what actually triggered the Raptr login screen.

Indeed, one could just run the Speed Launcher program directly, from the shortcut in the startup folder, to start it if one wanted to, without even logging off and back on.Just click on "No" each time the system prompts you to reboot after installing one of the updates, and continue with the installation of the next update. Why does Adobe Acrobat Reader require a restart when you update it? Just what else is it installing/updating that requires a total OS reboot to "complete" the installation? Last month I had to scrub my system to rid of a virus. As best I can tell, Adobe has removed all updates for Acrobat Professional 8. Assuming it really is impossible to get the 8.0 updates from the Adobe site, does anyone know a truly trustworthy source for getting the updates? I've been running Windows 7 and Acrobat 8.0 for several years.

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